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Drake is a Seventeen Year old who has made contact with other Aliens. The Deos are his servants which has allowed him to take control of 10 Worlds.He is the master of the Negativetrix Aliens. He is also the main villian for the entire series, even though he isn't seen in all of Season 1, until the last few episodes of Season 2, and only a flashback in Season 4.

He is evil for most of the series, but realizes his mistakes at the end. However, The Deos decide to destroy the planet, and in an act of heroism, gives up his life and the Negativetrix to destroy the Deos, the Xobot Knights, and himself.

Physical Description[]

Drake is 5' 6" high, and weighs about 100 pounds. He has black hair, white skin, and behind that mask, he has brown eyes. He is really tall, strong, and wise all at the same time. He is like any normal teen at a first look, but once you see his Negativetrix, you'll be screaming in fright.


He is cruel, cold, and ruthless. He will use any of his aliens to control the Earth. When he is coming up with dark plots, he stays in the shadows. He allows others ( the Deos and the Xobot Knights ) do to the hard work. Only when

  1. They complete the mission


2. They are useless and he has to do everything himself.

The Negativetrix[]

The Negativetrix was a watch-like device which attached to Drake's wrist in an off-screen time period of the series and is the device that has mythological aliens in it.

The Omnitrix was created by Azmuth as a tool of peace in an act of repentance following the destruction caused by his previous creation, Ascalon a weapon of terrible power. The Negativetrix was created by forcing Azumth to make it after he'd been kidnapped. The device had a twofold purpose: it would promote inter-species unitifcation by taking over many worlds. Secretly, Drake also had a another reason for creating the device: to use energy to bring back his parnets and sister , who were poor and died in an accident.

The Negativetrix had been destroyed in Battle of the Xobots: Part 2 in order to stop the Deos from destroying Earth. This resulted in Drake dying as well.

Episodes he's in[]

  1. Invasion ( Part 1 )
  2. Invasion ( Part 2 )
  3. Flee to the Plumber Base
  4. Birth of the Bounty Hunters
  5. Hunted
  6. Earth ( Part 1 )
  7. Earth ( Part 2 )
  8. Vulcan ( Part 2 )
  9. The Sky, the Land, and the Sea
  10. Battle of the Worlds
  11. Battle of the Moon
  12. Battle of the Xobots: Part 1
  13. Battle of the Xobots: Part 2
  14. The Return of Evil ( flashback )
  15. The Finale of the Revolution Part 1 ( flashback )