Dragonoid is the Dog-fighting Alien In Imad 10.

Dragonoid is the go-to alien in Imad 10 for dogfights or any situation involving aerial combat or movement. It's a DNA sample of a Drachenos (also called Draconovians) from the planet Draconovis.

Dragonoid is a reasonably big, reptilian alien covered in thick green scales, and two wings with an imposing wingspan sprouting from its back. This alien possesses two arms and two legs with sharp claws at the end of each limb, as well as a thick tail. This alien can move as both a quadruped or a biped with similar ease. In addition to remarkable strength and durability, its main offensive weapon is its breath: it is capable of shooting a powerful laser beam from its mouth, which would be confused by medieval humans with fire.

Draconovians are for the most part peaceful and noble aliens with a lifespan of a few thousands of years. Despite their "monstrous" appearance, they're actually extremely intelligent, understanding and honorable sapient beings, who will nevertheless fight with unbound ferocity when provoked enough or to protect who they care for the most. Most are travelers in the blood, roaming the depths of the galaxy on-board their ships and seeking either adventure, new information, or a peaceful planet to settle down.

Their native planet, Draconovis, is from one part similar to the Highlands on Earth, with huge hills of lush vegetation, and from another part comprised of very high, desolate rocky mountains.

Ultimate Dragonoid

Ultimate Dragonoid is t his alien's evolved form.

Ult Dra.jpg

The Ultimate form of the dragon alien looks less organic and more mechanical, with glowing orbs and metallic "feather blades" all over, and his main body alongside the tail is composed of many ledges. UD can shoot much more powerful laser blasts from not only his mouth, but also his eyes and the tip of his tail; His aerodynamic body can fly much more efficiently and reach top speeds much faster; he can also use his sharp wings as an improvised blade to slice any obstacles clean in half. His metallic body makes him even more resilient than before, and finally, his claws get a slight boost, offensively and defensively. [[]]

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