General Information
Species Dragon
Home World  ???????
DNA source The Dragon
Body Dragon-like
Alternate Counterparts Evil Dragonflight
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Lasers

Flight Extended Lifespan

First Appearance Tonight's Knight
Dragonflight is the Modelatrix's DNA Sample of a Dragon from an unknown planet.


Dragonflight has a lizard-like body with bat-like wings and a tail. He has a beak-like face. He also has dark green skin.


Dragonflight is capable of firing lasers from his mouth which look like fire. He is also shown to be quite strong and his skin is strong enough to withstand powerful attacks. Despite usually walking on all four legs, he is able to walk on two. He is also extremely long-lived, with 1,000 years being barely 10 years to him.


His mobility is severly decreased if he is in a confined space.



  • This alien has a running gag: If Brendan is in a small space, (such as his room, an elevator.), he will get this alien as an accidental transformation.
  • This is Brendan's featured alien nominee.
  • This alien is free to use.
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