Dragon Wars is the eighteenth comic of Young Plumbers and eighth issue of Set 2.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 2, Issue 8
Production Code: B08
Release Date: January 18, 2013
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Paper
Set 2 List
"Risk Factor"
"The Final Level"


Plumbers' Academy
February 9, 2013, 4:15 PM EST

[Sci and Jack are in the middle of a fight. Sci blasts fireballs at Jack while Jack blasts electricity at Sci. Brian is watching the fight.]

[Brian]: Now Sci, takes out his legs!

[Sci kicks Jack's legs, but he jumps over and smacks Sci in the face.]

[Brian]: No, his other legs!

[Sci]: What other legs?

[Jack hits Sci in the face. Sci starts to back up as he throws fireball after fireball at Jack. Jack avoids but then Sci charges at him and kicks him onto the ground. Sci jumps and punches Jack, but he rolls to the side and then knocks Sci back. They exchange several heated moments of punches before Jack knocks Sci back.]

[Brian]: Just do something!

[Sci blasts a big wave of fire at Jack, who jumps and avoids it, only to get hit in the face with a rock. Jack lands on the ground nad falls unconscious.]

[Sci]: Is he okay?

[Jack suddenly jumps up but Sci punches him and knocks him back.]

[Jack]: Okay! Can we stop?

[Hornbok, running in]: You're going to have to...

[Sci]: Why?

[Hornbok]: I'm sending the three of your to Incarcecon, just to check and make sure if one of the inmates is there...

[Brian]: Sure, who is it?

[Hornbok]: David Stavo...

[Brian]: The original Ringmaster?

[Hornbok]: Yeah, him, but you have to go know. You can explain to Sci and Jack on the way...

[Sci]: I already...

[Hornbok]: JUST GO!

[Brian]: Yes sir!


[On the next page, the recruits get off a ship at Incarcecon.]

February 9, 2013, 6:19 PM EST

[Jack]: So who is David Stavo?

[Brian]: Remember the guy who came to the Academy looking for the rings?

[Jack]: That's him...?

[Sci]: No, that's his dad...

[Jack]: Yikes, and I thought he was scary...

[Voice]: Who was scary?

[A figure approaches them.]

[Brian]: You're Stavo?

[David]: Yes, David Stavo...

[Brian]: The Ringmaster...

[David]: Go away. You have no business being here...

[Jack]: Uh, Brian? Are the prisoners normally allowed to be out of their cells?


[Brian]: No...

[Jack]: Then we have a problem...

[David]: Prison riot, happens all the time...

[The recruits jump into action. Brian turns into a gorilla and starts pushing many of the prisoners back into the prison. Jack creates a wall of electricity in front of the prisoners. One gets through and starts attacking Sci with fireballs. Sci blasts some of the fireballs back, but the alien simply keeps avoiding and blasting more. Jack knocks that alien away. Several other Plumbers jump into action and eventually force many of the prisoners back into their cells.]

[Brian]: Why didn't you try to escape?

[David]: Because I don't want to...

[Sci]: Why? Why would anyone want to be locked up?

[David]: What I did, or tried to do, was a bad thing and I deserved to be punished for it. I'm going to spend the rest of my life here.


[Jack]: Well then what is your son planning?

[David]: Anthony wants exactly the same as I did...

[Brian]: Which is?

[David]: He wants to find the 5 rings of power that come from an ancient world known as Dragonia. Using the rings, he can travel there and free a dragon known as Auris, who will help him conquer the world.

[Sci]: What is Dragonia?

[David]: Dragonia is an ancient kingdom in another dimension. It is a tropical jungle, a fiery mountain, a barren tundra, a dry desert, and a warm ocean all into one. It is home to much life and vegetation, but the main inhabitants are the Council of 12, a group of spirits who reign over the realm. They sealed away Auris long ago and hid the 5 rings in this world. My connection to the rings has detected that you have seen three of them, Tempos, Hypnos, and Psyki.

[Brian]: So that's what they wanted! They wanted our rings...

[David]: They want them back... You should have given them...

[Sci]: We thought they were working for your son...

[David]: It is best if they are in your hands...

[Brian takes out his ring.]

[Brian]: Your son has three, this is the fourth, so I have two questions for you. Where is the fifth, and why did they hide them here?

[David]: To start off, they did them here because it was the only way to permanently seal Auris away. The seal would have eventually broken if they remained. As for the location of the fifth, I don't know. The most I ever found was one.

[Voice]: Well isn't that great!?

[Jack]: Great, Anthony's here...

[Anthony]: I don't want to fight, I only want Brian's ring...


[David]: Son--

[Anthony]: Stay out of my way, father.

[He puts on the rings and becomes the Ringmaster.]

[Ringmaster]: Give me the ring!

[He jumps at Brian and begin to attack him with the Fire Ring. Brian creates a shield with the water ring. They throw projectiles at each other while Jack and Sci stay and talk with David.]

[Sci]: Can't you convince him to stop...

[David]: I could try, but I wouldn't succeed. This I know to be true... Don't even try to convince me to try

[Jack]: What are his weaknesses?

[David]: None. As long as he have the rings which grant him super strength, superspeed, flight, and invulnerability, plus the special power that comes with each one, he is practically unbeatable.

[Sci]: But we have beaten him before...

[Ringmaster]: FINE! Have it your way!

[The Ringmaster disappears.]

[Jack]: What was that?

[David]: Did I mention he has a short temper?


[On the next page, the recruits arrive back at the Academy and meet up with Hornbok.]

[Sci]: Once he gets all the rings, he's going to Dragonia...

[Brian]: He wants to free Auris, a dragon, and likely take over the world...

[Jack]: Hopefully if it gets to that, we'll stop him...

[Hornbok]: Good, but you need to go back. I got a call while you were on your way back out a prison break...

[Sci]: You've got to be kidding me!


[One the next page, the recruits are back at Incarcecon. The recruits find several people on the ground but they also find a note. Jack grabs the note and reads it.]

[Jack]: Dear recruits, If you are reading this, it means that I am no longer at Incarcecon. After listening to you, I decided that I didn't want to be locked up anymore. If you need me, you know where to find me. I can help your with anything. From, David Stavo...

[Brian]: I find that highly suspicious...

[Sci]: He wrote that in like 5 minutes, didn't he?

[Jack]: Well that's how long we were gone, right?

[Brian]: Only one question... where do we find him?


[On the next page, the recruits are at the Academy again.]

[Sci]: Can we stay here this time?

[Hornbok]: Yes, now what was there?

[Brian]: Just some low level thugs escaped... Nothing much...

[Hornbok]: Thanks...

[Hornbok walks off.]

[Brian]: That was a close one...

[Jack]: Should we tell anyone about Stavo?

[Sci]: Nah, keep it a secret for know... If anyone needs to know, then we will tell, deal?

[Jack and Brian]: Deal...

[Sci]: All that traveling made me tired... See you guys tomorrow...

[Brian]: Don't you mean hungry?

[Sci]: No...

[Brian]: Oh, cause I'm hungry...

[Brian goes to the fridge and takes out enough food for about 10 people.]

[Brian]: Want some?

[Sci]: Sure, why not?

[Brian, Jack, and Sci begin to eat all the food.]

[The End]

Risk Factor

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