Dragon Rush
E-10, Dragon Rush
General Information
Species Dovahbriin
Home World Siigolis
Body Dragonoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Aqua Jet
Water Breath
Speed Swimming
Underwater Breathing
Hydrokinetic Regeneration
Rain Generation
Rain Manipulation
Lunar Manipulation
Steel Tail
Space Surviability
Temperature Resistance
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance TBA
Dragon Rush is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Dovahbriin from the planet Siigolis.


Dragon Rush is a 20 ft tall dragon-like alien. He's covered in dark blue scaley skin, while his neck, torso and eye-brow like horns are a sapphire blue. Dragon Rush has a pair of wings made up of water that flows in different patterns. Dragon Rush's tail sticks out to form a golden trident at its tip. 

Powers and Abilities

Dragon Rush's body can become surrounded by water and shoot himself like a rocket at the opponent, slamming into it. Dragon Rush can also breathe large blasts at water that can shoot out like a cannon, which he can also use to freeze his opponents. Dragon Rush can also regenerate himself around water, making him able to clean up any wounds in battle.

Dragon Rush has fast flight but incredibly faster swimming. Dragon Rush can swim in almost any environment, which he can use to his advantage and to power up his attacks. This alien has enhanced strength, speed and durability.

Dragon Rush can use the moon to power himself up and increase his aquatic abilities.

Dragon Rush can manipulate the weather and use it to create rain showers or thunderstorms.

Dragon Rush has a trident as his tail, which he can use to fend off any opponents that attack from behind.

Dragon Rush can resist temperatures.


Dragon Rush can be weakened by large electrical attacks, for example, thunder. But Dragon Rush can resist being electrocuted to a certain degree.

Dragon Rush's large size make it impossible for him to become undetected. He is also relatively slower than other opponents, and his size, likewise, makes using things, or moving through areas designed for smaller species difficult.

His immense size also makes him an easy target for enemy attacks. His durability does have a limit.

While Dragon Rush has a temperature resistance, he can become weak to extreme heated conditions, including radiation. Like other reptilians, he can become much slower if exposed to colder climates below -100.

Dragon Rush can't regenerate his wounds without moisture.


To be revealed in the third season of E-10: Horizons.


Dragon Rush will premiere in the third season of E-10: Horizons.


  • Dragon Rush is based on the move "Aqua Jet."
  • Dragon Rush is the first alien revealed for E-10: Horizon's potential third season.
  • Dragon Rush is the 20th alien in the series, and the overall 33rd transformation in the series.
  • His wings are a reference to Lapis Lazuli's in Steven Universe.
  • Dragon Rush's voice is based on Rath's voice from the Ben 10 reboot.
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