Dragon Queen is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Crucemcultorem-Vineæ from the planet Regiis'reptilium. She is a free-to-use alien, and exists within the Earth-216 universe, the main universe of Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


Dragon Queen's appearance is represented as a reptilian humanoid alien, with a height similar to that of an Appoplexian, and characteristics resembling that of mythological dragons, including her entire body covered primarily in smooth, light-midnight-blue scales, and alternatively, golden-yellow scales on her lower jaw, chin, inner-neck, collar-bones, chest, inner-abdomen, palms, soles, and the underside of her tail. Although with a mostly-humanoid-appearing face, she possesses many reptilian characteristics, including a short, protruding stout, sharp teeth, pointed outer-ears, and a pair of curved, golden-yellow horns, alongside five-fingered hands, reptilian-shaped, three-toed feet, a pair of small, underdeveloped wings emerging from her backside, and a long, muscled tail, its length a foot short of Dragon Queen's height, that has a slight pair of curls near the end.

As implied by her name and female pronouns, Dragon Queen originates from an all-female species, and as a result, Dragon Queen, even when used by a male Omnitrix user, will be sexually female, visible through her appearance's possession of attributes commonly seen through female members of various species, including a feminine facial structure, slim waist, wide hips, and tall, large legs.

Dragon Queen's outfit is that of a stylized halter mini-dress, covering Dragon Queen's chest, abdomen, and the upper-half of her left leg, keeping her right leg exposed, with bright-green bands around Dragon Queen's biceps and thighs, the one on her exposed right outer-thigh possessing the Omnitrix symbol on it.

Powers and Abilities

Dragon Queen's primary ability is manipulation over hormones, able to control the hormones produced by her body to enhance her physical capabilities for offensive or support-based means, such as producing specific hormones to control her emotions, making her forcefully feel specific emotions, and suppress specific aspects of her body, such as pain through producing enkephalin, producing growth hormones to violently enlarge her muscles and amplifying her height and size, a process greatly enhancing her strength and durability, or manipulating her organs and body systems, examples including:

  • Manipulating her immune system by producing epinephrine.
  • Manipulating her skeletal system and blood through producing norepinephrine, the latter of which also potential through producing parathyroid hormones and aldosterone.
    • Generating red blood cells through producing erythropoietin.
    • Generating white blood cells through producing leukotrienes.
    • Reducing blood flow, and more usefully, blood loss, through producing calcitonin and brain natriuretic peptide.
  • Manipulating her cardiovascular system through producing dopamine.
  • Manipulating her digestive system through producing gastrin.
    • Manipulating her liver through producing glucagon.
  • Manipulating her muscular system through producing somatostatin and endothelin.
  • Manipulating her lungs through producing estradiol.

Through all these means, Dragon Queen can allow her to regenerate through various means, allowing her recovery from an array of specific attacks that may target specific organs. Dragon Queen can also rearrange her organs to contort her body, allowing her to squeeze through extremely tight spaces, and more bizarrely, shift her intestines into her chest cavity to use her stomach acid to spray a corrosive beam of gastric acid out of her mouth as a grotesque, but effective offensive attack. She can also manipulate her own enzymes through producing hormones such as cholecystokinin, prostacyclin, and thromboxane, enhancing her gastric acid attack, and use her hormones to shapeshift to a limited extent to change her preporties and body structure, such as with usage of growth hormones stated above, but also producing gaining added height through producing estradiol.

Dragon Queen has practically-infinite stamina, able to be endlessly sustained by the hormones in her body capable of producing glucose and proteins, such as thyroxine, triiodothyronine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, adiponectin, glucagon, insulin, and cortisol, even able to manipulate said glucose through her adiponectin hormone. In addition, Dragon Queen has a limitless lung capacity, able to breath in space and underwater, due to epinephrine and norepinephrine hormones capable of generating oxygen for her to breath.

By using norepinephrine and other skeletal-manipulating hormones, Dragon Queen can create extendable, syringe-like claws from her fingertips to forcefully inject her generated hormones into other individuals, allowing her to control and influence their emotions through injecting serotonin, and inflicting an array of different effects, such as induced drowsiness from melatonin, induced appetite from serotine, ghrelin, and orexin, vasoconstriction and reduced blood flow from angiotensinogen and angiotensin, induced feelings of alertness from orexin, induced feelings of trust from oxytoxcin, induced feelings of gratification from prolactin, and so on. In addition and more usefully, Dragon Queen can inject positively-affecting hormones into others, allowing them to enhance her regenerative factor and heal them.

Dragon Queen's wings, although small and semi-vestigial in her base form, are capable of flight when enlarged by growth hormones, her scales are naturally strong and durable enough to withstand simple bullet-fire and extreme heat, and her long tail is extremely prehensile, able to repeatedly wrap around objects with enough strength to constrict them. In addition, her base form's physical strength and hormonal-based intelligence are both considered superior to a human.


Dragon Queen is normally incapable of producing hormones only found in males, due to her all-female species, but could with enough concentration and practice, able to gain their effects of producing them.

Dragon Queen's "hulked-out" mode through boosting herself with an extreme amount of growth hormones can overwhelm her rage and deplete her sanity until her hormones wear again and force her out of this state, or she is forcefully stopped by an outside force.

Dragon Queen's wings are semi-vestigial and useless while in her base form, and require growth hormones to enhance to make them capable of flight.

Dragon Queen's hormonal manipulation abilities, when injected into different individuals, have temporary effects due to the hormones eventually depleting, and to keep up their effects, Dragon Queen must repeatedly continue to inject the individuals.

Dragon Queen's injections are not at all painless and are the equivalent of getting jabbed by syringes. Repeated, rapid injections can be bad enough to start drawing blood.




Dragon Queen is a free-to-use alien, so feel free to use her in your own series.

  • Dragon Queen is set to appear sometime in Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


  • Dragon Queen's name is a pun on "drag queen", referring to how male Omnitrix wielders who transform into Dragon Queen will become female in appearance while as her, and obviously, "dragon" due to her reptilian appearance.
    • The "queen" part of her name could also refer to medieval queens, as the concept of mythological dragons also originate from the medieval era.
  • Dragon Queen's species name of "Crucemcultorem-Vineæ" is the Latin translation of "cross-dresser", albeit with the first two words merged together and the second and third words merged together with a hyphen.
  • Dragon Queen's planet name of "Regiis'reptilium" is the Latin translation of "royal reptile", synonyms of its name, with the two words connected with an apostrophe.
  • Ben 23's nickname of Dragon Queen would be "Mrs. Wyvern", being the only Ben 23 alien to possess a female honorific due to Dragon Queen's all-female species, with "wyvern" being a synonym of dragon, although considered a variant of mythological dragons.
  • Dragon Queen was considered a joke alien at first due to her name, and would have simply possessed the power to reverse one's gender, but eventually gained her highly-diverse ability of manipulating hormones and became a more serious concept.
  • Due to being an all-female species, Dragon Queen's species reproduce asexually through creating bio-organic masses of grown biomass fueled by granted hormones by the "parents" that will eventually "hatch" and birth Crucemcultorem-Vineæ infants.
  • In the Earth-216 universe, through genetic experimentation, male members of the Crucemcultorem-Vineæ race exists, but are only byproducts of experiments regarding the preservation of alien species.
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