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Draconomenal is a series by Felipexbox4 that follows Jay Taylor who uses the Dracotrix to transform into 10 aliens and begins a battle against several villains while he tries to solve the disappearance of his parents. It was created on March 29.


The series follows Jay Taylor, a high school student and inventor, who on his first day, encounters a mysterious device that looks like a watch, the Dracotrix, which has the ability of transforming him into 10 different aliens. Using the watch, Jay fights against any type of villain or crime while at the same time, faces several problems in high school, like popular jerks, trying to get good grades. bullies and other problems high schoolers have. Even with the responsibility of being a hero, his main priority is trying to solve the disappearance of parents, who left three robot companions to Jay, alongside a strange connection to the watch.


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Main Characters

Secondary Characters

  • Alpha
  • Runner
  • Azrael
  • Ester


Main Villains

  • Drakkon
  • Milena Dostoevsky
  • Infernal
  • Geildon


  • Fistrick
    • Fistrick's Henchmen
  • Captain Nemesis
    • Simons
  • Computron
    • Computron's Minions
  • Dr. Animo
    • Mutant Frog
    • Mutant Cockatiel
    • Mutant Hamster
    • Mutant T-Rex
  • Vulkanus
    • Pickaxe Aliens
  • Weatherheads
    • Gust-O
    • Shock-O
    • Hail-O
  • Kraaho
    • Seebik


Dracotrix Aliens

Additional Aliens

Artetrix Aliens


  • This is the first series in which there are two Omnitrix users as the main characters.
  • The name Draconomenal comes from Draco, the dragon constellation, and nomenal comes from Morphenomenal, a phrase used in Power Rangers. This is also Jay's catchphrase when something good happens.
  • The series occurs in an alternative universe, which will be explored during the series.
  • The series art style is based on UAF art style.