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Species Dragon-Subspecies
Home World Praeteritus
Body Humanoid Dragon
Powers and abilities
Abilities Environment Adaption
Fire Breath
Plasma Breath
Enhanced Strength
Sharp Claws
Concealed Arms
Four-Armed Physiology
Chi Control
Auxiliary Eyelid
Enhanced Speed
Booster Wings
Lightning Generation
Enhanced Flame Breath
Supernova AOE
Icy Breath
Illusion Mist
Freezing Touch

Draconaught is a fanon alien created for Project Re; Bit. While the goal of Project Re; Bit itself is to redesign and repower canon aliens, Draconaught is still apart of it. He is also a Free-Use-Alien!



Draconaught is a 25-meter-tall dragon-like alien. He stands permanently upright, unlike most of his other variations. His head is an emerald green coloration, possessing a short yellow beak-like growth poking out. A golden crest in the shape of a V rests atop his head, arching backward slightly and towards the top of his head. His eyes are oval-ish in shape, possessing white sclera, a notable lack of an iris as well a bright green pupil. His pupil will occasionally shift from circular to more reptilian. Draconaught’s back, tail, arms, and legs are completely covered in green scales, while his front section is golden. His shoulders are very bulky and have organic shoulder armor split into a top and bottom half. A golden line runs through the halves. Draconaught’s chest holds a large blue crystal embedded in it, surrounded by a golden shield-like shape. Adorning Draconaught’s back is his massive wings, the exterior green and the interior golden, with small claw-like tips on the top of them. Present on his wrists and knees are extra armor, golden in coloration as well. His tail rests behind him. 


Draconaught’s Terran color scheme is now replaced by red and gold. In general, he appears much more muscular and armored than his Terran counterpart. The crest atop his head now points out like a horn, sticking out forward. He now has four green eyes on his head. The texture of his scales has become much more rough and coarse, spiking outwards instead of resting flat. While he retains his wings, he now has a small second set of wings present as well. The crystal present on his chest is now much more armored, surrounded by extra body armor. This body armor is in fact Draconaught’s second pair of arms, which he can unfold from his chest at any time. Draconaught’s torso now has black arrow-like markings leading down it, running down each of his legs as well. He loses the golden armor of his Terran form, as his scales are more than tough enough.


Kinet Draconaught’s color scheme is now blue and silver. He is slimmer than both his Terran and Khoros counterparts. The crest now longer juts out and instead curves around his head, forming two large plates. The plates can join together, forming a visor. The crystal on his chest is similar to his Terran counterpart, but it can be seen sparking with lightning every now and then. His wings have become much more technological than organic, seeming to be a mix of a rocket and a jet. Draconaught’s tail is now much longer, having alternating blue and silver rings running across it.


Pyros Draconaught’s scales have now become akin to flaming rocks, segmenting by large gaps of magma present all over his body. The crest on his head is no longer physically, but a roaring white flame in the shape of a V. His entire head is engulfed in flames, made from the same material as the rest of his body. The crystal on his chest is still present, though the guard around it is in the shape of a flame. Instead of wings, Draconaught has two large organic vents that spew flames. Running down his spine are large dorsal fins made of rock. His tail has a large flame constantly spewing from its end.


X’Nelli Draconaught’s scales are now an icy blue with a grey underside. The crest on his head is now made from carved ice and retains its V shape. The crystal on his chest has broken free of the guard, wrapping around his back and up to his wings. Speaking of, his wings are similar to his Terran form, but now have the crystal veins present on them. His head has black markings around his eyes, which are smaller than previous forms. Running along his back are very large ice shards, resembling icy mountains.

Transformation Sequence

Use your imagination!

Powers and Abilities

As a whole, Draconaught’s gimmick is his ability to adapt to any environment and assume a form based on the environment. This is why he has so many forms, as they are subspecies who have adapted to those planet specific environments. In particular, he seems to mimic the dominant species on said planets.


Terran Draconaught is the jack-of-all-trades, as his abilities lean towards no specific stat. 

His main form of offense is his plasma breath, which is devastatingly hot and can melt through several sheets of metal within an instant. In addition, he’s able to concentrate the beam from a wild fiery beam to more of a straight laser, which ups the destructive force tenfold. 

Terran Draconaught has the ability to fly at high speed with the use of his wings as well as flap them to create powerful gusts that are able to blow away opponents as well as block thrown projectiles. He can also use it on dirt or sand to create a sandstorm.

Draconaught’s claws are impressively sharp and can be used to cut through a variety of materials.

Draconaught is very durable, able to take excessive amounts of force and shake it off as if it was nothing. 


Khoros Draconaught is a much more strength-based variation, mostly because of adapting to Khoros and the Tetramands.

He no longer packs his fiery breath, but can now fire a beam of straight concussive force from his mouth. Just like his Terran form, he can concentrate the beam to give it a much more devastating effect.

Although not present at a first glance, Khoros Draconaught indeed does have four arms. But they are folded over his chest and can be unfolded for proper use. The unfolding of his secondary arms allows for the use of his next ability, but if he wants to go ahead and deliver a quad smackdown to anyone, he can do that as well.

A unique ability of Khoros Draconaught, he now has the ability of Chi Control. He can access his ability by unfolding his secondary arms. Draconaught’s Chi Control allows him to up his strength to extreme amounts, though he must keep a level of a state of level-headedness to properly utilize it. His Chi Control also grants him a form of telekinesis, as he is able to freely manipulate the environment around and toss objects around as he pleases. When pushed to the extreme, Draconaught can use his Chi to form barriers, energy blasts as well as become hyper-aware of his surroundings.

In case of his eyes ever being attacked, Draconaught has tough secondary eyelids capable of withstanding explosions.


Kinet Draconaught is the speed-based variation, because of adjusting to the Kinecelerans and their planet.

Draconaught’s fiery breath is completely absent from this variation, as he now fires streams of lightning from his mouth as well as his entire body. This lightning moves at the speed of actual lightning, making it very difficult to dodge for those not up to speed.

Draconaught’s wings are now much more akin to that of boosters, as once he charges them up he can release a sudden burst of speed, which he can either use to catch up with an opponent or just ram through something. 

Draconaught is able to charge a shot of ball lightning within his mouth. Once that is done, he can send it flying into the air. The ball lightning will then proceed to split into multiple lightning strikes, which can scorch an area if used properly. If fired directly into a cloud, this attack becomes MUCH more devastating.

In addition to his lightning abilities, Kinet Draconaught is also much faster than his counterparts. He’s able to move at impressive speeds for someone his size, which can catch opponents off guard.


Pyros Draconaught is a variation focusing directly on his pyrokinetic abilities.

Draconaught’s fiery breath is most impressive and also the most dangerous, as he no longer can concentrate it into a straight beam but can turn up the heat until the flames themselves turn blue and at the maximum output, white.

From the vents on his back, Draconaught can release huge torrents of flames which he can use for a speed boost or to fly into the air.

Using the flame along his tail, Pyros Draconaught is able to generate flaming constructs. This includes swords, shields, humanoid flame minions and whatever else he can think of. He can also release a torrent of flames from his tail as well and when combined with his mouth flames can take care of targets both in front and behind him.

If he is sufficiently injured, Pyros Draconaught can have his body go supernova in a 10-foot-radius around his body, which speaks for itself in its destructive power. The downside is, this will force the user to revert after use.


X’Nelli Draconaught is the variation focusing primarily on his cryokinesis.

Draconaught’s breath, appropriately, has been changed to an icy beam that decreases instead of rises in temperature. This allows his beams to go below sub-zero. Uniquely, his beams also pack sufficient cutting power.

Draconaught is able to generate an icy mist from the crystals along his back. The mist seems to cause hallucinations and illusions, as Draconaught is able to become almost invisible despite his massive size. This ability is strong enough that someone standing a few feet in front of Draconaught will be unable to perceive him until they either clear the mist or Draconaught himself does.


Draconaught’s size, in general, makes him a very large target and unable to be used in smaller environments, especially buildings.

Terran Draconaught has a durability limit, especially when compared to his variations as Earth has much fewer dangers to offer. Aliens such as Humungousaur, Way Big, and Atomix can break this durability limit.

Khoros Draconaught has a feral rage that is not present in his other forms, which can lead to him being more destructive than he wants to. This also blocks him from entering his Zen state to access Chi Control.

Khoros Draconaught’s Chi Control can be easily broken if he loses focus, which can be done if he has to focus too much. Duplicating aliens such as Echo Echo and Ditto should do the trick just fine. Echo Echo’s sound waves especially can disorient him enough to break him out of it.

Kinet Draconaught has a cooldown period between using his booster wings, which can be used as an opportunity to strike him before he has a chance to escape.

Kinet Draconaught is not immune to electrical attacks nor can he absorb them, any old electric alien could do the trick here.

Pyros Draconaught is way too destructive, especially since his flame attacks aren’t very easy to control and can lead to unnatural damage to the environment and allies.

Pyros Draconaught is, of course, weak to water and if submerged will extinguish his flames for around 30 seconds, which is more than enough time to strike a weak spot and take him out. 

X’Nelli Draconaught’s mist can be easily countered by Terraspin as well as aliens who don’t have conventional minds and or are machines, such as Upgrade, Ghostfreak and Clockwork.

If X Nelli Draconaught was to ever be completely submerged in water, he’d encase and trap himself in ice as his freezing touch is involuntary.

Planet & Species Information

Draconaught is a Dragon, whose species originally comes from Praeteritus, but his variations come from Earth, Khoros, Kinet, Pyros, and X'Nelli. The Dragons were excellent craftsmen and blacksmiths, able to create some of the best-built and fastest ships in the Galaxy. With these ships, they set off into space to chart galactic maps. But, while they were good builders...

Their sense of direction was less than desirable.

This, of course, leads to them not knowing where they're going, which then leads to them being marooned on planets they have no business being on. Thankfully, this is where their ability comes in. To adapt. The Dragons are able to adapt to any environment they are present in, almost like they were apart of the natural wildlife of the planet from the very beginning. They also mimic the ruling species on the planet, which leads to Terran Dragons walking upright, Khoros Dragons having four arms, Kinet Dragons having enhanced speed, and the ability to generate lightning, Pyros Dragons having evolved burning scales and X'Nelli Dragons gaining ice powers.

Of course, there are many other subspecies of Dragons out there, but let's leave those up to your imagination...


If ye ol' Draconaught appears in your series, drop it below!




Praeteritus is just Latin for "Lost".


  • Draconaught's design was based on Dragonoid from the Bakugan Franchise.
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