Dracoids are non-sapient species originating from the planet Dracontachia. They live all across their galactic sector.


Dracoids are dragons with four eyes and a large wingspan with a long tail. They have no stationary limbs. They can be different colors, but the most common is blue with light yellow spikes on the head and tail.

Interaction with Dracontachians

Dracontachians can emit sounds that Dracoids can hear as a signal to fly towards the entity who emitted that sound. They then can attach themselves to a Dracoid to be able to fly over their home planet.

Dragonforce's Dracoid

One of the thousands of Dracoids across the galaxy sector lives in the exosphere of Earth. This is the dracoid that Dragonforce cals by emitting the correct sound pattern. He is devoted to Dragonforce and always ready to fly him.

Notable Dracoids

  • Dragonforce's Dracoid
  • Interstellar Dracoids
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