General Information


Home Planet:

Anur Transyl

Other Info
Crimes: -
Goal: -
Abilities: Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Intelligence Enhanced Durability Electromagnetic Generation and Manipulation Technokinesis Levitation Sharp Reflexes Lightning Generation/Manipulation Space Survivability Heat Resistance

1st appearance: -
Arch-enemy: -
Henchmen/Leader: Aggregor

Dr. Viktor is a Transylian from the planet Anur Transyl in Alienated: A Hero Reborn


Dr. Viktor greatly resembles Frankenstein's Monster, but a little more cyborg-like; a common trait for a Transylian. His robotic parts are dark brown. His right eye is small, purple, and has no pupil, while his left eye is bigger, has a scar, a pupil, and is round. The lower part of his arms are a little lighter than the rest of his body. Viktor only wears brown pants and black shoes.


Viktor is seen as very gruff and serious-minded.

Powers and Abilities

Viktor can produce, manipulate, and project electricity and he can create and project lightning bolts. He possesses electrokinesis, like other Transylians. Using electromagnetic energy, Viktor can magnetize himself to metal objects.

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