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Dr. Necros is a Undead Human from the planet Earth in Kurt 10.


Dr Necros was a prodigy kid and renowned doctor who, after suffering a huge accident, lost many parts of his body and all his mobility, so, in order to recover it, he sold his soul (and mortal life) to an unknown underworld deity, which reconstructed his body after transforming him into an undead mix of flesh and bones.


Early life[]

Dr. Necros was once a world renound doctor, known for his intelligence and skill with the scapel. He was known for saving lives thought unsaveable.

However, there was a horrible accident during one operation. He was trying to save the life of a human that has been possessed by a demon. During the operation, the demon was accidently released and it killed all the doctors and nurses, the patient and seriously injured Dr. Necros before it left. 

With no mobility or real body, Dr. Necros thought of himself as a nobody. With that, he made a deal with an underworld diety, granting him an undead body and necromantic

Kurt 10[]

Dr. Necros used his newfound to seal souls and put it into robots, creating the Cyber-Necros.

In Necronic Power, Dr. Necros, with his team, destroyed several factories that belonged to his rivals. With that, he started to eliminate competition. However, him and his team were defeated by Kurt Negason and his team.

In Mr. Crowley, Dr. Necros returns, this time and Mr. Crowley, the science teacher at Kurt's school. Wen his new minion, The Scourge of Pandora, attacked the school, he pretended to be a hero and fought it until all the students escaped and Kruti and Zak fought it off. Now knowing that Kruti was Kurt, he brought the Scourge back and battled Kruti and Zak again. He was deafeated by Darkflame, and self destructed, apparently dying in the process. However, Darkflame expressed his doubts about Dr. Necros' death.

Darkflame was later shown to be right, as Dr. Necros returned by sacrificing Arcana. Not only was Arcana killed and Necros back, he had also gained the of all the aliens in the Arcanatrix. He had also turned Paradox into a android.

Necros left to parts unknown with his minions.


He was born with amazing intelligence, and skills with machines and saving lives. Following his transformation, he gained many undead . This includes:

  • Plamsa control
  • Shadow Control
  • Magic
  • Super strength
  • Rebuilding
  • Bring back the dead and put them in robots

Soon after his return in Kruti to Kurt, he had gained the of the aliens in the Arcanatrix.



Credits go to darksilvania on DA