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Dr. Manatom
Dr. Manatom Glowing.png
General Information

Robotic Humanoid

Alternate Counterparts Atomix
Other Info

Nuclear Blasts
Nuclear Explosions
Nucleokinetic-Enhanced Combat
Heat Generation
Atomic Manipulation
Fusion Energy Manipulation
Energy Shields
Nuclear Punch
Nuclear Kick
Fissile Whistle
Nuclear Winner
Fusion Cuisine
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed (via Flight)
Evolved Arachnichimp Webbing Dissolving


Over Confidence
Over Exertion

First Appearance:


Dr. Manatom is the Dimension 23 equivalent of Atomix. He is a free use Ben 23 alien made by Alan.


Dr. Manatom appears just like Atomix. However, his body is mostly a pale blue instead of white, with several blue details instead of green. The studs along his body are also golden, and his nuclear energy is cyan.

Dr. Manatom wears the Hero Watch on his belt.


Dr. Manatom has the powers of his species.


Dr. Manatom has the weaknesses of his species.


Ben 10: Into the Omniverse

Canon Media

Non-Canon Media

  • In My Hero 23, Dr. Manatom battled against Speed-o-Sound Sonic.


Ben 10: Into the Omniverse

Canon Media

Non-Canon Media


  • Dr. Manatom's name is meant to play on Ben 23's naming convention of "Man," along with "atom," and Dr. Manhattan.


  • Dr. Manatom's cyan nuclear energy is similar in appearance to that of his namesake.
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