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Dr. EVOmo is 5th episode of Ben 10: power of EVO


Episode start there where previous episode end. Ben transform into Jetray. Then he is flaying after Dr. Animo. Dr. Animo shot explosive balls. Jetray avoid from it. Then when he is on Animo he transform into dimonhead. He fell on Dr. Animo. Animo is screaming: "You will kill all of us" ! Ben says: "if i need i will do so." They are 2 meter from earth, but dimondhead jump off from Animo. Animo is strike the ground. Gwen and Kevin right in that moment are ride there. Dr. Animo is wake up. He say that he will destroy all of them. He from his eyes shot red ray. Gwen block it with mana sheld. Then Dr. Animo scream. His scream make big wave. They are hited awey. Then Dimondhead shot

dimonds. To Dr. Animo it does nothing makes on. Then he transform one of his arms into plant and attack to them with it. Ben transform's into fourarms. Animo is making new sound wave. Fourarms are smashing him awey. Animo then hit him several times. Then fourarms says: it is time to EVO vs EVO. He transforms into EVO fourarms. He very powerful hit him. Dr. Animo shot from his arm tentacles. He absorb EVO four arms. EVO fourarms are transforming to fourarms. Then Animo say: Now i will go awy, but i return and absorb evry single

Ben 10: power of EVO.
Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date 21.03.2012
Written by Petors
Directed by Petors
Episode Guide
Dr. Animo= Ultimate EVO.
Death from another universe

EVO. Now i am king EVOmo. He fly awey. Ben say: he will goin down.



Aliens used[]

  • EVO four arms