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&nbsp Dr. Doom is a character in Ash 10


Before Ash 10

Dr. Doom was an evil scientist that wanted to take over the world and show that he is the smartest scientist in the whole world. He was fighting the Fantanstic Four in Latvaria when Vilgax army came to Earth for his first attempt at invasion. When the Fantastic Four died helping Dr. Doom defend his kingdom, he was shocked and decided that heroes aren't so bad. When he was offered to join the Council, he accepted so he could both learn more about his potential enimies and for another unknown reason.

Ash 10

Dr. Doom was shown with the council deciding who should be the new Champion of Earth. He wanted it to be himself, but was outvoted.


Dr. Doom's most known power is his intelligence, almost the match of a young Galvan. He also has some magic and technomancer . He has his armor which enhances his strength and gives him forcefields, energy projection and other abilities.