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Story starts off at Ben's home. Ben is sitting on his coach watching Sumo Slammers when suddenly he gets an alert on his plumbers badge that Dr.Animo is attacking Hollywood, California.

"What is he attacking Hollywood for?" Ben transforms "Jetray!" Jetray flies to Hollywood when he arrives Dr. Animo is shouting "I Dr. Aloysius Animo will get my message of animal equality across the globe!"

Dr. Anim


o is controlling Mutant Frogs. Jetray transforms into NRG. "NRG! Really Animo. Mutant Frogs Agian?! Your gonna have to do better than that!" NRG says. "Oh your right I can do better meet my newest creation Exo- Skull!" Dr.Animo says.


Exo-Skull fires an energy blast at NRG sending him flying. "That hurt!" NRG says. NRG is suddenly wraped by a mutant frogs tounge and swallowed. NRG heats up inside the frogs body. The frog explodes.

Exo-Skull fires another energy blast but NRG counters with a beam of his own. Exo-Skull charges at NRG. Exo-Skull and NRG lock hands. NRG heats his hands up. "Owwwww" Exo-Skull lets N


RG go. NRG transforms "Goop!" Goop gets on Exo-Skulls back and starts to create acid. "Owww get off of me!" Exo-Skull starts to rub his back on the ground.

185px-Greetings From Ultimate Big Chill Techadons

Suddenly a mutant frog wraps his tounge around Goop's anti-gravity projector and swallows it. Goop quickly transforms "Big Chill! Ultimate Big Chill! I've had enough of this!" Ultimate Big Chill freezes Exo-Skull and then goes on to freezing all of the mutant frogs.

"Now Animo on to the Null Void!" Ultimate Big Chill calls the Plumbers to come send the Mutant Frogs, Exo-Skull and Dr.Animo to the Null Void.

Ultimate Big Chill transforms into Big Chill and then into Ben, "Finally I'm done!" Ben says. The End



  • Dr.Animo
  • Exo-Skull
  • Mutant Frogs (20)

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