Down under is the seventeenth episode of

ben 10:gigatrix chronicles

basic plot

ben goes to armodrillo's home planet

major events

  • ben gets talpaedan DNA

aliens used


Ben just got off NRG's home planet and is trying to find armodrillo's planet but it is no where to be found and he sees a rock hurtling towards him and ship crashes.he crashes and ship is badly damaged and reverts back to his normal form. suddenly loads of talpaedans jump out at him and they run up to him but quickly ben turns into terraspin and he blows all of them back and they go through the walls and he picks up ship and flies off with him.the talpaedans were furious with ben so they threw a boulder at them but luckily terraspin's hard shell saved them. and in the distance he saw the assasin flying to a hole under the ground and thats when he realised the temple is underground so he said "I hope this guy can go under ground and he turned into mastermime and he flew through the ground and there was a BIG tunnel and the asssasin was flying down it and he knocked mastermime flying and he got to the temple and he scanned the DNA and he turned into armodrillo and when the asssasin flied in he punched him in the jawand he grabbed the DNA but ben pulled it out of his hand and he drilled his way out but then the assasin grabbed ben altogether and swiped it from his hand and he flew off and ben went back to ship but he didn't see him anywhere and thenthe other talpaedans came up to him and instead of hitting him they greated him an he said he needed to go the amperi planet and they said sure and blasted him in a cannon.

next episode-haunted

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