General Information
Species Unknown (Extinct)
Home World Unknown
DNA source Fossilized remains
Body Draconian
Powers and Abilities
Dovunslaad, meaning "Eternal Dragon", is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown extinct species from an unknown planet.


Dovunslaad takes the appearance of a massive, dragon-like alien, whose body is covered in black scales with a gray underbelly. The Omnitrix symbol appears in a protected chain necklace around its neck. To be expanded

Powers and Abilities

To be added


  • Although the Omnitrix has a universal translator, Dovunslaad's language was lost to time, and since the DNA sample was taken from the fossilized remains of its species, nobody has ever been able to figure out just what it's saying, as it speaks only in its ancient language.
  • His name, Dovunslaad, is taken from the dragon language from The Elder Scrolls, being a combination of Dov, the shortened version of Dovah, and Unslaad. Again, this means "Eternal Dragon" - an ironic name considering that the species is extinct.
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