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General Information
Species Fracturemen
Home Planet Barren Hollow
Body Mirrored Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Alternate-Self Summoning
Sharp Claws
Chronokinetic Immunity
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Weaknesses Limited Control
Split Personality
Feral Nature

Doublecross is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Fractureman from the Barren Hollow. He is a free use alien.


Doublecross is a squat organic humanoid with sharp claw-like fingers on each hand, and three-toed feet. His pointed head appears mouthless, and has a single large beady eye in the middle. Atop his head is a large sweeping spine that sticks backwards.

Doublecross's body is mirrored nigh-perfectly front-to-back. He has four legs total, and he has two forearms each connecting at the elbow. He has a second head, whose spine sweeps forwards neatly avoiding contact with the primary head's horn. Both bodies can appear to act independently, though will usually act in tandem.

Powers and Abilities

Doublecross possesses the unique ability to summon alternate versions of himself from other timelines. These selves do not come from distinct timelines or dimensions (such as the Ultimate timeline or Dimension 23), but come from minor offshoot timelines that, in the grander scale, fade back into the main timeline seamlessly (sometimes resulting in the Mandela Effect, but more often going unnoticed).

These alternate selves act independently and usually cannot be controlled by the original self, but this in turn allows them to act with greater conviction and a lack of concern for the collective.

All selves are functionally identical to the original. They do not possess new or unique powers to the original. The only variation outside of personality is the potential for an individual to not possess a hind-body. All of them are relatively strong, fast, agile, and nimble. They are scrappy, pack-hunting creatures with razor sharp claws and a tendency to aim for vulnerable areas, such as the eyes, neck, or belly. They have a tendency to fall into a group mentality while attacking that leads them to be far more brutal than their user would normally allow themselves to be.

As a side effect of his powerset, Doublecross possesses total chronokinetic immunity and experiences only absolute time. Were a time-manipulator to attempt to freeze time, or slow Doublecross's perception of time, nothing would happen. He cannot be sent forwards or backwards in time, and cannot be moved across timelines or dimensions unless called by an alternate version of himself. In addition, this ability has an area-of-effect. In a fairly large radius around Doublecross and any alternate selves (each one having their own area-of-effect), no manipulation of time can occur.


When a temporal clone is damaged to near the point of being beaten, they will reactively and subconsciously return to their native timeline before they can be incapacitated. If the original is hurt in the same way, the others will be sent back to their own timelines and the links are severed. The links will heal as Doublecross recovers.

The extent to which the user can control the second body or any temporal clones is extremely unclear and can vary massively depending on the user. The two bodies have been known to fight among certain users, making the alien difficult if not impossible to utilise.

As stated above, Doublecross can slip into a feral group mentality while attacking that can lead to an impairment of judgement and inhibitions. This can be bad news for the user, and is very often much worse news for whatever Doublecross perceives as a threat.



Doublecross is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series



  • Certain elements of this alien have been toyed with for over a year before being finalised here.
    • The design, and name, originally belonged to an alien that could see two futures at any given time- the absolute future and a future that would never come to be- with no ability to discern between which one was the truth and which was a lie. Each body would see one of the two futures.
    • The alien was, at one point, going to possess an "anti-matter virus". Not like an antimatter virus, but one that literally rips apart matter in any form.
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