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General Information

3/6 Pyronite, 3/6 Anodite

Home Planet:

Pyros or Anodyne

Other Info
Crimes: REALLY bad ones.
Goal: To rule the world.
Abilities: Same as Heatblast as Gwen Tennyson
1st appearance: Darkest Star in the Galaxy
Arch-enemy: Zac 10,Gwen (Zac 10 MOTU)
Henchmen/Leader: Megatron (in Zac 10 MOTU)

Dormmamu's Soldiers (Zac 10 MOTU)

Dormammu is a half Pyronite half Anodite being who's wish is the take over to world. He will appear in the season 2 story arc of Ben 10: Star Command Files, where he will be released by Magneto.


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