Doppelganger is a Dublos from the planet Copyus. He is an alien in the series Ren 10:Equinox.

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Powers and Abilities

Doppelganger can shapeshift into any person or any object. Not only that, he can also gain the abilities and traits like the person he transforms into. For example,if Doppelganger decided to become a Tetramand(Fourarms),he would gain super-strength. He is pretty hard to catch because he is very small and fast, so he can fit into small spaces. It is also known that this alien can make an unlimeted amount of clones, so Doppelganger is a very good choice for a stakeout.


Dublos can be seen in their true form by Anodites such as Gwen.


Doppelganger is a pale grayish color and is 3 ft. high. His eyes are blue and his wears the Eonotrix symbol on his head.


Doppelganger will appear in the Ren 10 episode Kingdom when Ren battles a hypnotized Vaxsuarian(Humungosaur) ambushes him.


  • Doppelganger looks like a regular alien from old movies like E.T.
  • Doppelganger resembles E.T.
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