Super Mutant Cyborg Doomtron.png

Is An Upcoming Villain In An Upcoming Episode of Ben 10: Galactic Smash A Super Mutant  Created by Dr. Animo and Cybernetically Enhanced By Techadon Weapon Master Number 13  His is Part of Skrawl's Society Of Mutant Cyborgs

He is 1/8  Aerophibian 1/8 Vaxasaurian  1/8 Rat 1/8 Golden Silk Orb-Weaver Spider 1/2 Machine


Powers and Abilities

From Alien DNA

All the Powwrs of Jetray and Humungousaur

From Earth Animal DNA

Rat Head For a Hand that has Sharp Strong Teeth and Heighten Senses of Hearing and Smell

Extra Legs and Web Shooting But instead of shooting it from the abdomen (stomach) like the usual way, He Shoots It From His Mouth

Mutant Powers

Cybernetic Weaponry

  1. Dark Mater Wrist Blades
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