General Information
Species Ribulon
Home World Energia
Body Blobous/Skeletal
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy blasts, flight, electrical blasts, intangibility

Doomer is an alien in Noah 10. In Super Matrix, he gets an Ultimate form.


He has visible ribs, an Echo-Echo-like head, with a single green eye. He has lightning bolt shaped arms and small legs. He has a black cloth on his chest with the Matrix. He has appendages sticking out of his back that enable him to fly.


  • Electrical Bolts
  • Energy Beams
  • Intangibility
  • Flight
  • Transformation

    Super Strength


Because his ribs are exposed, if he goes intangible too late after an attack, the attack can shatter his ribs.


Noah 12

  • The Training Session of Noah Segurason
  • The Second Attack
  • Energy Cores

Noah 10: Matrix Unleashed

Noah 10: Super Matrix


  • He is my most popular self-created alien.
  • Doomer was originally going to be called Dark Blob, but it was changed.
  • Doomer was created in the Ben 10: Hero Matrix on CN's site when I was bored.
  • Doomer is a part of Omni-Hard in AncientMinisterz's series Omni-World..


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