it starts out in the past in bell wood park where a vilgax drone is holding young Ben.

(young ben) you think stop me


(fourarms) fourarms!

fourarms punchs the vilgax drone into a fountain the vilgax drone gets up

(fourarms) yeah get up so i can knock you down again

fourarms picks up the drone and snaps it in half

(fourarms) i win

times out

(kevin) or i win

theme song

in the present Ben and co are at mr. smoothies

(mike) theres nothing to do

(ben) i know i'm so bored

(professor paradox) well then lets find something to do

(ben) paradox? you're only here cause something is up are'nt you

(professor paradox) i'm afraid so Benjamin

(mike) well at least it's something to do

(professor paradox) no you can't come Ben's 10 year old self is there if he sees you it would be a giveaway like finding out about you're christmas presents before its time.

(cooper) well why don't we just leave the team

(ben as cooper and mike walk off) wait guys come back guys

(professor paradox) let them go they will come back i know

(ben) okay lets go

ben and paradox teleport away in the past evil kevin and fourarms are battling

(ben) time help myself


(eatle) Eatle! time to kick some... kevin?

time pauses except for ben

(professor paradox) yes a sad sight to see what kevin has become in his timeline he killed you but before you died you destroyed the Infimatrix so he couldn't get his hands on it now i can not beat him nor can 11 year old ben so go help defeat him

Tiem Plays

eatle jumps on top of kevin

(fourarms) who are you?

(eatle) i'm you future you

(fourarms) i had a dream like this

fourarms punchs kevin into a car kevin picks up the flaming car and puts it on top of eatle kevin then uses the Nemetrix to turn into Slamworm he spits acid on the car witch blows up but out of the fire Ultimate Echo Echo flys out.

(Ultimate Echo Echo) why Kevin why Do you Hate me now

(Kevin Revirting back) Don't act like you Don't know

(Ultimate Echo Echo) but i Don't Know

(Kevin Punching Ultimate Echo Echo) LIAR

Kevin absorbs a car now in metal Form he Punchs Ultimate Echo Echo In the stomach Twice Fourarms Grabs kevin From Behind Kevin's hands turn to Maces And hit Fourarms In the face Causing Young Ben to Change back   (Ultimate Echo Echo) ugh Gotta get out of here


(Jetray Grabing Young Ben) Jetray!

Jetray Flys off

(Kevin) oh no you Don't


Big Chill's Preadaor Rams Into Jetray Making him fall to the ground

(Jetray) owwwwwwwwwwww


(Swampfire) SwampFire!

Swampfire Shoots Fire at BigChill's Preadador Changes Into Crabdozer Eats Swampfire Then Goop Flys out

(Goop) Time for a little Help

Goes Infinite

(Infinite Goop) Infinite Goop!

Crabdozer Changes Into Buglizard  and breaths On goop Making him evaporate

(Infinite Goop) oh no

Ben Change Back And so does Kevin

(Kevin Grabing the Infimatrix and turning into Ulitemate Kevin) now I'm going to destroy You and all Bens That ever Existed Muhahahahaha

To Be Continued


  • Ben(present and young)


  • vilgax drone

Aliens used

By present Ben

  • Eatle(first reappearance)
  • Goop(first reappearance)

By young Ben

  • Xlr8 (First reappearance)

By kevin

  • Big Chill's Predador(Debut)


young Ben said he had a dreame like this meaning that the episode The Forge of Creation it did seem like a dream

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