This is the seventh episode of the Borg 10: Alien Rescue Squad season 3. In this episode Borg and his team met with Lance, they try to stop him from attacking an other alien and since he looks kinda evilish they think that he is the bad guy, and must be stopped. But after a while chasing him they find out that he is the good guy, he was payed to chase and capture the other alien, a Sludgepuppy that transformed into a different kind of alien to hide him self from the others, make any one think he is good because he transformed into a female type alien, but Lance can see the true form of any one and with his middle eye. So Borg and his team decide that they have made a big mistake and had to do something so they help Lance by capturing the Sludgepuppy.

Aliens used:




-Borg 10 (with his Omnitrox)


-Rick Nakayuma


-Emma Borg

-Agita and Akito



-A Sludgepuppy

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