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Dogmen are a species in Ben 10: Haunted. They live on the planet Earth (where they come from is debated on).


Dogmen resemble upright, large wolves that are very muscular. Their fur color can range from Black to Gray to Brown to even White in some cases.

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Powers and Abilities

Dogmen have Excellent Smelling and Hearing like normal dogs.

The Dogmen are usually very muscular, implying they have Superhuman Strength.

Dogmen are excellent at Leaping. This can also imply they have excellent Agility and Reflexes.

Several reports have been made of them keeping up with cars at high speeds, which means they have Enhanced Speed.

They have Sharp Claws and Teeth, being carnivores.

They can see excellent in the dark.

Dogmen are smart enough to be on par with Chimpanzees, perhaps even smarter. They know they can blend in with other Canines if they stand on all fours for example, albietly larger.

Dogmen can use Infrasound to stun prey or most opponents.

They seem to be durable since they survived being mauled by a few of Ghost King`s forms in their debut and being shot at by Plumber Pistols.

They seem to have the ability to order around Wolves and Coyotes.

It can be assumed they have excellent digging capabilities like regular canids.


Dogmen, like Loboans, are weak to loud noises. They can also be deterred by dog whistles.

They can be ignited on fire.

They can be shot and killed, but it isn`t as easy as hunting a regular wolf.

They can be outmatched by a creature equal to their strength or stronger.


It is unknown how the Dogman race came to be. Some individuals theorize they are prehistoric wolves who evolved alongside man due to their comradery. Other theories state they are extra-dimensional or something paranormal. Plumbers have theorized that they could very well be they are descendants of Loboans who crashed on Earth and evolved over time to better suit their new lives on Earth due to their extreme similarities, but this most likely isn`t the case and these similarities are most likely a coincidence of evolution.

Whatever their origins may be, they have been in the minds of man as early as ancient Greece thanks to the story of King Lycan. They were also the basis for the Werewolves of Europe during Medieval Times, being sighted often in the Black Forests of Germany and in Transylvania to name a few examples. A pack of them hunted and killed humans in Gevaudan, France back in 1764-1767.

They have become more reported in the late 1990`s and early 2000`s, especially in North America.

They are often seen fighting Sasquatch, presumably for territory reasons.

A pack of them first appear in "Night of the Wolf" where they attack an expedition led by Kai and Wes Green on their weekend off in Michigan. This attracts the attention of Ghost King, who works with the Greens to relocate them and ensure no more attacks are made.

Notable Dogmen

  • Various Dogmen (Dogmen, Rougarus, Loup Garous, "Bearillas", "Werwolves", Amaroks Etc.)
  • Michigan Dogmen
  • the Beast of the Land Between the Lakes
  • the Beast(s) of Gevaudan (deceased)
  • Amaroks (Secret Saturdays)
  • (Michigan) Dogman Pack (Night of the Wolf)
  • Dogman Alpha (Night of the Wolf)
  • Unknown (Ghost King`s sample)

Notable Evolved Dogmen

Notable Dogman Hybrids

Notable Dogman Fusions