The rv stops at a dog show and they enter.

Ben excited:Look at all of these rats!

Gwen:Noob these are dogs.

Ben:oh if they were rats you could join them!

Grandpa max:calm down kids.

Random guy 2:hello are you joining the contest?The reward is 100 dollars.

Gwen whispering to Ben:Ben you know what Grandpa said we wont be able to make it to the next state because we dont have enough money?

Ben:yes we are joining.

It then cuts to them behind stage.

Gwen:We dont have a dog Ben.

Her and Grandpa max stare at Ben.

Ben:Oh no I am not turning into WildMutt to win the contest!

Gwen:it doesnt have to be WildMutt it can be a Death hound like creature!

Ben:WildMutt is the only dog I can turn into!


Ben:aww man.

It cuts to hours later.

Announcer:Hello this is the final quarter of the annual dog show.

A small yorkey walks up next to WildMutt.


Gwen:Ben behave.

Announcer:and the winner is BEN!

Ben goes back stage and detransforms.

Ben:Ok so are reward.

Random guy 2:Ok here you go 100 dollars.

The hole team:YAHH!

Random guy 2:Wait and Moose and Sparky.


Random guy 2:read the flyer it says "reward 100$ and newborn pups Moose and Sparky"


               THE END...

major events

Moose makes his debut.

Sparky makes her debut.

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