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Dog Gone is the 11th episode episode of the show, Brandon 10


The Creator uses a giant robot to steal from a bank but Ro-Warasaur jumps in and shoulders him into a battle. After defeating the Creator so easily, Coco then asks Brandon 10 for a favor. Coco wants to impress a girl with a present for her birthday and wants Brandon to transform into Wildpup and become the present. Unsure Brandon refuses until it seems planned out. At Night, Coco hacks the devices so Brandon's has less power and his has more so he doesn't turn into Brandon so quickly. The next day, Coco purcuses Brandon into turning into Wildpup and becoming a birthday present for a few hours. After being cuddled and attacked(not literally) by Party Kids, Brandon hopes to turn back to normal soon. But he doesn't seem and he can't talk to Coco about it. As he tries to escape, the Partiers chase him and Coco talks more to the girl. Eventually the Extreme Bikers appear to ruin the party and threaten the kids. Knowing Brandon is stop on slow transformation mode, he transforms but nothing happen since he put his on fast transformation mode. The bikers steal presents, eat cake and take away Wildpup! Telling his "friend" that he will resuce the dog and return the party to fun, Coco goes after the bikers. After a battle at their biking grounds, Brandon ,turning back from Wildpup, and Coco escape the lair before it crumbles to the ground. After a long explnation, Party resetting up and fixing their devices, Coco brings everything to the way it used to be. The Bikers, escaping, swear for revenge on them after looking at their research on them.


Aliens Used


  • The Creator(minior)
  • Party Kids(momenterally)
  • Extreme Bikers


  • This is similar to the episode, A small promblem except Brandon is stuck as Wildpup instead of Grey matter