Make Dodge
Model Challenger SRT Hellcat
Vehicle Specifics
Engine 6.2 Liter SRT Hellcat Supercharged Hemi V8
Max Speed 204-mph
Horsepower 707-hp
Drivetrain RWD
Owner Trenton Plumbers HQ
License Plate DODGE

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is a vehicle used by Plumbers, in Tony Slash: Omni-Adventures, for the purpose of patrolling the city of Trenton, New Jersey.


This Challenger SRT Hellcat has a black body with the SRT Hellcat badges on both fenders. It features the SRT grill and front bumper. The back has a huge SRT spoiler for down force. It also has bullet proof glass.

The interior is straight up black with black Laguna leather seats with the SRT badges. It comes with a Uconnect system from Dodge, straight out of the factory.


Dodge wanted something that was more powerful than the base Mustang Boss 302 and the Camaro ZL1 so they added some fancy parts to a Dodge Challenger SRT. They call it the Hellcat. The Hellcat has 707-hp directly from the factory, making it the most powerful American Muscle Car of all time. The plumbers of Trenton buy 15 Challenger SRT Hellcats and replace the glass in them with bullet proof glass on all the windows.


The Plumber Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat comes included with the stock 6.2 Liter SRT Hellcat Supercharged Hemi V8. It gets bullet proof glass, just because of random people or aliens shooting at them. In the trunk, there are Magnum Plasma Rifles and many ordinary rifles and machine guns.


  • Ambush at Plumber Base
  • TBD
  • TBD


  • The Hellcat is a real car, it just doesn't come with all the fancy adjustments that the Plumber Hellcat gets.
    • That means no bullet proof glass or weapons in the trunk.


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