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Mental Illness

                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.

Do Not Answer Wrong is the sixteenth episode of Evfnye 10.


Evfnye as Upgrade is returning from space after restabilishing the ozone hole he created precedently. He is at 14 kilometers from the surface, but unluckily he times out. He falls unconscious and wakes at an altitude of 6 kilometers. He calculates there is still two minutes of free falling, so he just keeps waiting until the Omnitrix recharges. When it does, Evfnye uses Stinkfly and lands safely after about twenty seconds. When he lands, he times out, but a mad scientist (who reveals his name to be Brian Minder) kidnaps him and wants to bring him to his laboratory, but Evfnye transforms into Ripjaws and fights him. Minder pretends he is impressed by Evfnye's abilities and asks him how he got them. Evfnye starts telling about the 9th Omnitrix falling from the sky, but Minder interrupts him and challenges him into an intellectual battle. He agrees and starts solving difficult riddles, but there is so many he can't stand it anymore and has weakened. Minder laughs at how stupid he was, because he fell victim to his trap, and prepares to put him into experiments. Evfnye is very angered with himself, and he understands what he did. He goes Grey Matter and challenges Minder on a second round, but he refuses. Grey Matter becomes angry and conduct-shocks him to free himself. He escapes the lab by entering difficult code sequences, and is finally completely free, until he hears a "beep" from the Omnitrix.

Noteworthy Events

  • Evfnye's surname is finally revealed to be Misx.
  • The Omnitrix emits an unknown signal.



Aliens Used


  • Evfnye.misx70 thought a lot of scenarios for this episode, until he decided to use the one that involved a mad scientist.
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