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Divided We Perish is the tenth episode of Ben 10: Negative Rising.


Continuing from the last episode.

(Ben): You know, I'm getting tired of Xarlek changing plans. Like he's too busy to remember.

(Professor Paradox): Precisely. Eon is the true mastermind behind the plan, Xavier is just acting as a distraction. The more time that's spent fighting him, the more time Eon has to prepare the last step of the true plan.

(Ben): And that's why the plan always changes?

(Professor Paradox): Exactly.

(Ben): So, what do we do now?

(Professor Paradox): His chrono-signature is close. We can track it, and hopefully stop Eon's evil plan before it is too late.

(Brooke): You mean..if they're in the same place.

(Professor Paradox): Indeed. Now, let us begin the search.

Paradox activates his Chrono-navigator, and a blue bubble surrounds the trio, and they disappear.

(Professor Paradox): We must face Eon.

(Ben): You mean me.

(Professor Paradox): No, I mean we, as in us.

(Brooke): Including me?

(Ben, laughing): Brooke, no offense, but what could you do?

(Brooke): Just try me.

(Ben): Fine, fine, you can help.

(Brooke): Not what I me-

They are nearly hit by a time ray.

(Eon): Time Walker, I am done with you interfering with my plans!

(Professor Paradox): There is nowhere in space and time that I will not travel, that I will not search.

(Eon): Perhaps that is true, but at least I have the tools to stop you.

(Ben): You people are so confusing, can't we just stop talking, and start fighting?

(Paradox & Eon): No!

(Ben): I hate the universe..Come on, Rath!

Ben activates the Omnitrix, and transforms into Slapstrike.

(Slapstrike): He's real..?

(Eon): Yes, you pathetic fool.


To Be Completed


To Be Completed

Aliens Used

By Ben

  • Slapstrike (first reappearance; accidental transformation; desired alien was Rath)
  • Rath (first reappearance)

To Be Completed

By Brooke

  • Livewire (first appearance)


  • This episode is the first time we see Brooke transform.
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