Dedrick Tennyson, or commonly referred to as Ditto since an Omnitrix incident, is a main character in Ben 10.

Dedrick "Ditto" Tennyson
Dedrick "ditto" tennyson


1/2 Human 1/4 Splixson 1/4 Anodite


10 (Ben 10) 15 (Ben 10 Alien Force) 16 (Ben 10 Ultimate Alien)


Duplication, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Strength, Anodite Powers, Omnitrix/Ultimatrix, Intelligence


Ben Tennyson (Brother) Gwen Tennyson (Cousin) Max Tennyson (Grandfather) Carl Tennyson (Father) Sandra Tennyson (Mother) Frank Tennyson (Uncle) Lili Tennyson (Aunt)


Ditto (Post-Mutation)


Ditto looks just like the transformation in the Original Series and Alien Force, but doesn't have the Omnitrix symbol on his head/chest, and wears the Omnitrix on his wrist. Also, in Alien Force, he is taller and his body is a bit more humanoid because he is now older and less of a Splixson and more of a human. In Ultimate Alien, he has the Ultimatrix on his wrist and now wears a black suit with white gloves, white boots, a white collar, and a white cape.


  • There have been ideas of what I am going to use this character for, and over the span of several years, the idea has evolved into something comepletely different. The idea, over time, has become fully fleshed-out, as I have conceptualized his Omnitrix roster, his friends and allies, personality, etc.

  • Ditto Ultimate Alien
  • Ditto Original Series
  • Ditto Alien Force
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