-Ditto, Infotain Me

Ditto is one of the main characters in Omni-World.


Ditto is very kind to other people, as he offered Upchuck to live with the gang, but he didn't know that Upchuck had eaten his own appartment. He was shown to get angry if someone lies to him, shown in The Very Hungry Upchuck.


Eye Guy

Eye Guy is Ditto's best friend, and would do anything for him. Eye Guy seemed to care about Ditto when he looked horrible in Perfect Pillow Paradise.

Other roommates

He has a good relationship with his other roommates, Wildvine and Ultimate Cannonbolt. Together, the four friends make the gang, who often have silly adventures.


Ditto thinks Brainstorm likes him, but he doesn't know Brainstorm thinks he's a pest. He still acts nice to Brainstorm.


Dittie is the female counterpart of Ditto created when just in case a female person puts on the Omni/Ulti-matrix. Ditto therefore has a crush on her, because they share the same powers and interests.

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