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Ditto is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Splixson from the planet Hathor.


Ditto is about the height of an average human child. He has white skin, a black and white head and face, and he wears a black and white suit with black pants. He has large hands with four digits and small feet. Ditto also has three fin-like growths on his head, and also gem-like orbs on his arms and two button-like gems on his waist, as well as on top of his black gloves and above his knees. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead.

Powers and Abilities

Ditto has the ability to clone himself with no limit by splitting himself in half. Each Ditto operates independently, regardless of what the others want them to do and each clone is indistinguishable from the others. This allows Ditto to do multiple tasks simultaneously or to cover a large area. An example of this is when Ditto is able to extend his reach across a vast distance by simply cloning himself in a straight line, thereby forming a chain of Dittos.

The green nodes on Ditto's body are extended sensor nodes, which assist in the sensory web that connected all the Ditto clones. This sensory web allows the clones to share senses and physical sensations, such as pain. Ditto is more flexible than a human and can breathe underwater.Ditto is quite agile and can burrow into the ground and pop out like a mole. He can also jump surprisingly high for his size; while playing basketball, Ditto slam-dunked the ball through a hoop in a way that would be difficult for an average human to jump high enough to do.


Ditto's clones share a link with each other, making it so that if one Ditto is hurt, all the others feel the same pain and if one Ditto gets killed, the others are automatically killed as well, thus negating the ability to form an army of clones.

Due to the fact that each Ditto is only about as strong, fast and has the reach of a small human child, this puts him at a disadvantage when facing off against a bigger, stronger foe. Normally, Ditto compensates by overwhelming his opponent with sheer force of numbers.

Ditto's clones can be fused back together with enough force and if the Dittos cannot agree on one plan, an argument might break out between them. If the Dittos are too far apart from each other, he cannot change back into Ben until all the duplicates are close enough together. It seems that this requires more power from the Omnitrix than normal, as seen later when he could only transform into Upgrade for a fraction of the normal time limit.

Ditto is not resistant to cold temperatures and being a Splixson, Ditto is the natural prey of the Panuncian, as the latter's species also possess the ability to clone themselves with no limit.





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