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Ditto is the Omnitrix's DNA sample fo a Splixson from the planet Hathor.


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Ditto has a humanoid whitish body. He has three fin-like growths on his head. He is clothed grey, and the Omnitrix symbol is on the head.

Powers and Abilities

Ditto is capable of creating duplicates of himself with no visible limit, hence his name. He can then re-unite his clones to his original form. Since he is composed by 90% of water and air, he can get the mass needed to create a duplicate from the air around.

Evfnye 10,000 removed the sensory web that linked the Ditto duplicates, giving the advantage of Dittos being separate entities.

Ditto is also quite agile and fast for his size. He can also survive underwater and underground.


Ditto has to rely on his duplicates to form a strong army, and one Ditto alone is very weak physically.

Ditto cannot form duplicates in a narrow area.



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