Ditto 1
Ditto is one of Bart's original 20 aliens.


Ditto has the height of a simple 7 year old kid then 10 year old kid.He has a white body with a black skin covering his body.He has 3 fins,green eyes with lines under it,and have 7 volts.

Powers and Abilities

Ditto's main powers are duplicating,as he can make clones with no limit.He and his other clones are not hurting if one Ditto was attacked.He can also swim fast and breathe.He is more flexible than other humans.He can also spit into small spaces such as tunnels.If all Dittos revert back to normal at the same time and it will make Barts just the count of Dittos.The original Bart Ditto's body is more durable than the other Ditto clones.Also Ditto cannot be hypnotized.


The original Ditto have more durable body,but the others have weak body.Ditto is also very vulnerable in electricity.


  • Ditto first appeared in Bart Jeremy's Debut: Part 2, an army of Dittos defeated a Robot.
  • In Mischievous Mistakes of Ditto, an army of Dittos failed to defeat a Convicted Humungousaur
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