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General Information
Entity Type Planet
Habitability Habitable (uncomfortable)
Chronologically Unstable
Alternate Iterations Timekiller's Base
Sapient Species Sentientsapiens

Dischronia is a planet that is home to the Sentientsapiens.


Dischronia is a planet stuck in temporal disarray, and is the most fragile area of space-time in the known universe. This is caused by the use of the Sentientsapien's powers regularly to avoid predators and danger. It is believed the unique plant life that grows here may be the only thing preventing space-time from collapsing, somehow creating a temporal anchor for the planet.


Nothing is really known about Dischronia's history, perhaps because of how unstable it has become.

Known Inhabitants

Sapient species

Non-Sapient Species

  • Predatory species


  • various plant species


  • The Sentientsapien's powers have caused space-time to weaken here, despite the fact that they are technically moving through space and not really time.
  • Due to how thin the fabric of space-time is here, Professor Paradox cannot visit Dischronia.


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