Disastra is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Sahkovesian, originated from planet Vesi.

General Information
Species Sahkovesian
Home World Vesi
DNA source Unknown
Body Humanoid Lady
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Cyrokinesis
Electricity Manipulation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
First Appearance None


Disastra appears as a blue skinned alien woman with red hair. They wear a small shirt and pants, which are both whit and have green patterns of lightning on it. They have green eyes, and the Omnitrix in on their lower neck.

Power and Abilites

Disastra has the ability to manipulate electricity. They can use electromagnetism, and can override many devices.

They also had the ability to manipulate ice, which can be used to change temperature and freeze any object at will.

They have a small degree of inhuman strength. 

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