Diril Zombozo is a Citrakayah from the planet Chalybeas, who Ben first fought in The Real Zombozo.


Diril was a tourist alien who visited planet Earth. Eventually he went to the circus, and became interested in three certain people. He decided to make them his minions with the goal of creating a machine to generate power he could obtain. This is because Earth food is poisonous to him.

Because his machine failed, he then met Zombozo the Clown, the human Ben fought when he was 10 and 16. Here he requested Zombozo's help in constructing the Cyclown. When it became successful, Diril attached the name "Zombozo" in him for his honor.

After mysteriously leaving the three people who later became the Circus Freak Trio, Zombozo the Clown then decided to use the Cyclown to obtain energy for himself. Later, however, Diril finally returns, first in Mind-Controlled Freaks.

In the episode, he decides to control his former minions to do some stuff for him, stealing technology to reconstruct the Cyclown. Ben fought against them but did not know who was controlling them till the next episode, The Real Zombozo. Here Diril visited Zombozo the Clown and blamed him for the damage of the Cyclown. Zombozo said Ben was to blame, and so decided that Ben should be the one punished. Zombozo the Clown was later frozen by Ben, while Diril later fought him. Unfortunately, Diril gets sent to the Null Void in the end.

Diril returns in Vilgax Escapes, after Diril helps Vilgax escape the Null Void by powering up his Portalix Machine, and in return, offered him to escape as well. While Vilgax was defeated but escaped, Diril was sent to the Oversky prison, where he makes an appearance in Naine's Visit when she visited the prison. Diril might return as hinted in the episode.


Diril invented the Cyclown together with Zombozo and the Circus Freak Trio. It could absorb the positive energy of
Zombozo and cylcown

In reality, Diril was the one who thought of the Cyclown; Zombozo only helped in the construction of it and later used it for his own benefit.

persons around it who laugh and use it to power himself up. Eventually Zombozo took over when Diril disappeared, and used it to his own benefit. It was later destroyed because of Ben Tennyson.


  • Mind-Controlled Freaks
  • The Real Zombozo
  • Naine's Visit (cameo)


  • The name Diril Zombozo was, from the sound, a reference to its episode, The Real Zombozo. Originally, Zombozo was only his name.
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