Dioxite is a element used in the series, Brandon 10.


Dioxite looks like a little white stone with strange disfigured stripes around it. The stripes glow in alternating colors of the Rainbow which makes the stone shine brightly.


A Zonarian Commander had escaped prison and planned on joining the invasion of Earth but however crashed into a cavern filled with Dioxite and went into stasis for a year. During that time, Dioxite was considered a rare mineral and used for scientific research in a facility in Bellwood. However, one night, a Zonarian Commander had broke into the facility and stole the Dioxite. The Dioxite was later used to enhance the hybrids created by the Zonarians and even evolve them into animalistic creatures known as the Zonarian X. After The Battle for Earth, Dioxite was no longer used for genetic breeding and became illegal on Servonna. The whereabouts of their Dioxite is unknown. A year later, a mining team had discovered the cavern and formed it into a mine where they could mine this no-longer rare mineral. However, some teenagers going out together had discovered the reccently discovered mine and decided to take a look inside. This caused the Zonarian Commander Prisoner to awaken and use the Dioxite in the cavern to convert his own Zonarian Soliders. Being forced to advance operations, the Zonarian Commander Prisoner had used all of the Dioxite in the cavern to become the ultimate Zonarian hybrid, Zonarian X Prime. However, Brandon managed to defeat it and the Dioxite was left alone in the mine to be used by whatever company created the mine in the first place.


  • Genetic Breeding
  • Genetic Accerlation


Alien Force

Ultimate Hero


  • The name was given by a helpful user
  • Name was supposed to be Deoxite but was changed into Dioxite
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