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Diomedes is an alien predator on Earth-68. Diomedes is an Ecus Diabolica, and its species is the predator species of Citrakayahs.

General Information
Species Ecus Diabolica
Home World Chalybeas
Body Horse
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Sharp Teeth
Hard Hooves
First Appearance Hunt for the Grey
Predator/Prey Fasttrack (Earth-68)


Diomedes has black fur, with white streaks on its body to resemble the shape of bones. Its eyes glow red, she has sharp teeth, and spikes on his neck instead of a mane.

Males of this species are more muscular, while females are slimmer.

Powers and Abilities

Hunting the speed aliens Citrakayahs, Diomedes has enhanced speed, as well as enhanced agility and reflexes. It has sharp teeth to devour its prey.

It has hard hooves, able to do good damage if they hit their target.


If an object gets in its way when running at a fast speed, it may not be able to react in time, and hit the object head on.

It reacts harshly to the smell of sulfur, unable to take it.

Dimension 2 (Ryder 10)

Diomedes is entered into the Nemetrix when Epona's DNA is added to it.


By Khyber's Panuncian


By Skurd

By Khyber

Dimension 1 (John Smith 10)

Diomedes was an alien in the Nemetrix.

John Smith 10: Omniverse

By Khyber's Pet

Cybeast Diomedes (John 23: Megaman)

Cybeast Diomedes is the Dimension 23 version of Diomedes, used by the cyborg beast Treble. It has purple metal armor on top of head going over its eyes, as well as along its legs.


Dimension 40 (Ya-Mi-Oh!)

By Skurd

 Dimension 763 (Omnimania)

Diomedes is available to whoever wields the Nemetrix.

By Khyber's Pet


  • Diomedes is named after the owner of the Flesh eating horses from Greek Mythology.
  • Diomedes is based off several horses from Greek Mythology.
    • Its black color is to resemble Hades' horses which pull his chariots. The white patterns to resemble bones is also to reference him as Lord of the Dead.
    • Its teeth and desire for flesh is based off the horses of Heracles' Eighth Labor, where he had to capture the Man Eating Mares of Diomedes.
    • Its speed is based off Arion, the immortal horse which was the fastest in the world.