General Information
Species Nubesnovan
Home World Nubesnovia
Body Glass tank
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Cloud manipulation
Equipment user's Omnitrix
First Appearance  ???
Dimvapour (pronounced dim-vay-purr) is one of the starting 10 aliens in Mack 10. His powers are powerful, but are also limited by the user's Omnitrix to keep mass destruction from happenning. This can be disabled in the Omnitrix's settings, like it is by Ben in IRR.


Dimvapour has an orange skiiers hood that surrounds his light grey head. He also wears blue skiing goggles. His body is a glass hexagon tank that contains a miniature tornado, which supplies his cloud powers. He has blue (color changes with color of trix) metal shoulders that allow his glass arms to connect to his body. The glass arms have grey hinges where an elbow would be to allow bending of the arm. You can see the cloud swirling through his arms to the holes in his hands where they are released. This is the same case for the legs, but clouds don't release out of the legs.


  • Cloud Manipulation
    • Creating clouds that can make it rain, thunder, lightning, etc. in a small area
    • Can control where the lightning from his clouds strike
    • Can create funnel clouds, which if he makes them touch the ground can create a miniature tornado
    • Can create semi-solid clouds of which people can touch and interact with, and can even be used for transportation
  • Can see in fog and rain as if they aren't even there because of his skiing goggles


  • Powers are limited and he cannot make clouds or tornados of a large scale
  • His glass tanks can shatter, letting out all of his clouds and rendering him useless until the transformation times out




  • Dimvapour is loosely based on the superhero Cloud-9.
  • Dimvapour was made for Mack 10, but is scheduled to appear in IRR.
  • Dimvapour is a starting alien in Mack 10.
  • If Dimvapour's tanks are shattered, as one of his limitations, he cannot self-detransform. He has to wait for the transformation to time out.
  • Dimvapour is made by Rob.

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