Not every reality is in a separate universe. Some of them are in different dimensions. Here is a list of every dimension in Prime Earth's universe (not including pocket dimensions). Every parallel universe has all of these same dimensions, with a few subtle differences.

Dimension 0 (Dimensional Axis): Null Void

Dimension 1: Real World

Dimension 2: Azarath (Teen Titians)

Dimension 3: Teen Titans

Dimension 4: Generator Rex

Dimension 5: Danny Phantom

Dimension 6: Ghost Zone (Danny Phantom)

Dimension 7: Ed, Edd, n' Eddy

Dimension 8: Phantom Zone (Teen Titans)

Dimension 9: Trigon's Dimension (Teen Titans)

Dimension 10: Main Ben 10 Dimension

Dimension 11: Brenna 10

Dimension 12: Computron and his minions

Dimension 13: Ledgerdomain

Dimension 14: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Dimension 15: The Powerpuff Girls

Dimension 16: Johnny Bravo

Dimension 17: Codename: Kids Next Door

Dimension 18: Steven Universe

Dimension 19: Invader Zim

Dimension 20: Cow and Chicken

Dimension 21: Samurai Jack

Dimension 22: Max Steel

Dimension 23: Ben 23

Dimension 24: Symbionic Titan

Dimension 25: Benzarro

Dimension 26:

Dimension 27:

Dimension 28:

Dimension 40: Mad Ben

Dimension 100: Dagon's World

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