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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.

Dimension Jump is the thirty-sixth episode of Evfnye 10.


This episode begins on Ketu's Space Station. Evfnye, Nicky and Jerry are building a dimension traveler, hoping that they might track Ketu himself. Evfnye uses Grey Matter to understand the physics of space-time continuum. Nicky states that Evfnye looks cute in his Galvan form, which makes Jerry slightly envious, as he has a crush on Nicky. Grey Matter replies that he must use logic besides all, which is approved by both of the Plumbers' Kids.

After building the machine, Evfnye uses XLR8 to speed it up. He uses basic friction to accelerate in circles, and the three get teleported to a strange dimension. Somehow, the portal closes. Everyone starts freaking out, until Nicky tries to reassure the guys that there is a way out. She points at a core, where a yellow spiked large asteroid stands and seems to emit energy. Evfnye looks around, transforms into Diamondhead and starts examining the place. After some minutes, they find something that looks like a city. They try to enter it, but some purple robots start blowing air and attacking the team. Diamondhead uses his powers to defeat the robots, and they all enter. They arrive at the top of a central building and find some jetpacks. As they don't see anyone, they equip them and start flying, after Evfnye transformed back. The trio arrives to the core, and after landing, they see black species, which want to attack them, but an E-Human (as he calls himself) which seems old exists from the crowd and tells the story of the place. He tells that the E-Dragon has the necessary materials to create a portal and free the E-Dimension, but it must be killed. He also tells thaty the "spikes" are actually towers, whose top must be destroyed in order to defeat the dragon-like species. Jerry is the first to agree, and Evfnye goes Wildvine to climb the towers and explode their top with the aid of seeds, while Nicky and Jerry keep luring the dragon. They trick him into destroying his own towers, and finally kill it. They see an energy ball, which resembles a Dwarf Star, and bring it back to the place where they teleported. They use it to return to their space station.

Noteworthy Events

  • Evfnye and Plumber Kids discover the E-Dimension.



Aliens Used


  • When the team traveled in time, Minecraft's portal sound could be heard. This also references E-Humans' similarity to Endermen.
  • Nighteye was mentioned in this episode, as his species was E-Human.
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