Dill Millionson
General Info
Species Human
Age 12
Occupation(s) Hero
Quotes "Dill Million? I'm six million better than that!"
Powers and Abilities
Equipment His Atomnitrix
Alias Dill Trillion
Alternate Counterparts Dill Reekalaw
First Appearance [[Dillon Million: Omniforce.]]

Dill Millionson or Dill Trillion is an alternate version Dill Millionson and a hero and a former mogul who first appeared in (Will update when it's time).


Dill chooses to reflect his amount of money by wearing lots of gold and accessories. He wears a black waist coat with green pockets over his light green shirt (revealing his short sleeves), a green tie, ear rings, green pants and a medallion in the shape of the Atomnitrix. He has the Atomnitrix on his left wrist and a green bracelet on his right wrist, he also has a gold ring on the index finger of his right hand. Unlike Dill Prime, Dill has green eyes instead of blue and his hair is longer, covering his left eye. He also wears a Bluetooth on his right ear, which he uses to talk to his agent, and carries around a smartphone for texting.


In a sense, Dill is the same as when Dill Prime was at 10-11, but without Grandpa Bill to guide him, Dill didn't learn that not all aliens are evil. To fill the void left by the passing of Bill, Dill immersed himself in fame and fortune.

Unlike Dill Prime at 16, who tries not to let fame go to his head (as it has cost him dearly multiple times), Dill has become arrogant, overconfident, and reckless because of it. One quirk is that he labels his aliens with odd and unoriginal names. He also announces his alien's name when he is transforming. Dill has also shown give names to his aliens' moves.

Dill enjoys milkshakes but instead, he prefers gyros from a fast food chain, which he incorporates into a catchphrase "It's gyro time".



Powers and Abilities

Dill possesses an Atomnitrix with a green/gold color scheme (reflecting Dill's blue/black or blue/white).

Dill's battle prowess is almost entirely self-taught, and like Dillon Million when he was younger, tends to fight recklessly in front of people and often has little to no strategy when fighting his enemies.


Dill is often arrogant, overconfident and reckless, and his demand for fame and an audience often gets him in trouble.


Dillon Million: Omniforce



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