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Featured Page

Digibeetle was the wiki's November 2020 featured Alien!

Digibeetle is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Beetechnian from the planet Pericoptia.


Digibeetle has a similar appearance to that of a rhinoceros beetle.

Digibeetle has blue skin. He has a metallic gray horn, which has two ends at the top and a small horn at its back. He has yellow eyes and a large gray bottom jaw, which has two small teeth-like appendages. He has a yellow shell, from which sprout his two small arms, each with one spine on his wrist and three sharp claws, one of which acts like a thumb. There is an additional energy spine on his knuckle. The back of his shell is black with yellow circuitry lining running through it, with the Wi-Fi symbol in the middle. He has gray knees and blue feet, with two gray claws at the front and one energy spike on the back.

Digibeetle wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.


Digibeetle's voice is medium-toned. It also has a mechanical background sound.

Powers and Abilities

Digibeetle can enter and control technology; he can enter screens such as television or computer screens as if they were actually doors.

Digibeetle can walk around the coding of the technology he entered and edit it. He can also hide in images, but the Omnitrix symbol will always be visible. To counter this, he can minimize the size of the symbol.

Digibeetle is intelligent in the technological field and knows how to hack and edit code very well.

Digibeetle can shoot a biomechanical, yellow laser from the edges of his horn. His horn is also sharp and strong, and can act as a battering ram.

Digibeetle has a very tough and resistant shell which can withstand multiple energy attacks, including those which are in the digital world. He is also invulnerable to physical attacks, and the back of his shell can deliver an electric shock to those who touch it. It can also glow and generate light.

Digibeetle is quite strong, being able to rip apart "pieces" of code. He is also dexterous, as he can type with claws.

Digibeetle has a very powerful jaw and bite force. His claws and arm blades are also very sharp, and the energy spike on his knuckles and the back of his feet can be used to deliver an electric shock.

Digibeetle can see well in the dark, like actual beetles. He can also scale walls by digging his feet and claws into the hard ground, and dig excellently.


Digibeetle can be trapped in the digital world if the technology he entered shut off.

Digibeetle is slow and not very agile due to his large shell.


Digibeetle comes from digital, referencing his abilities, and beetle, referencing his appearance.


  • Digibeetle was the Featured Alien of November 2020.


  • Digibeetle's concept names and ideas were Pigeotal, Digiturtle, Dogital and Digitall (pronounced dig—it-all).
  • Digibeetle's original color was a darker shade of blue. He also had concepts where he was partially green.
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