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Body Humanoid Data
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DigiNetwork is a fanon alien created for Project Re; Bit. While Project Re; Bit itself if meant to redesign and repower all aliens within the original canon, DigiNetwork is still counted as apart of it. He is also a Free-Use Alien!


DigiNetwork true form is that of living and sentient data, that is to say, DigiNetwork is quite literally living information. Unlike other “living usually non-sapient substance” aliens, his body is not a containment suit but his datalogical body has morphed into a more solid-state. His ‘skin’ is an electric blue color and quite literally acts like electricity with how it flows. His head extends outwards into a shape that resembles long spiky hair, though it’s held together by a technological headband with a short antenna hanging off of the right side of it. His eyes appear as multiple green rings that shrink as they approach the center, the smallest ring having a yellow glow that acts as DigiNetwork’s pupils. His mouth when not talking just resembles two dots and a line, but when speaking it fluctuates as a visualization of what he’s saying.

DigiNetwork’s clothing is white and green, the bodysuit being green towards the sides with a large white stripe running down the middle. Around the waist rests a lightning bolt-shaped design that points down towards his legs. His boots are large and mechanical, bolts present on the sides of them.

Transformation Sequence

Ben's body is seen floating against a background with a pulsating green orb present. Lightning streaks off of the orb violently, striking Ben as ripples are sent across the screen. He holds up both his hands as they are revealed to be 1s and 0s, though they quickly collect themselves and form glowing blue limbs. Ben's hair explodes outwards with electricity, a headband forming and calling the electricity inwards. His eyes glow as they become ring-like, a small yellow pupil resting within the rings. He spins around, the clothing forming as the rest of his features settle in, revealing DigiNetwork posing.

Powers and Abilities

  • His ability to interface with all types of technology from long distances, allowing him to gain all information relating to said technology. This allows him to identify the use of objects the user would otherwise have no knowledge of. He also gains the knowledge on how to operate, assemble, and disassemble the device.
  • Once he interfaces with a device, he can control its features remotely. He could make a blaster fire off without the trigger being pulled or erase a databank of information with a snap of his fingers. Of course, he could also restore said information if he wanted to.
  • When it comes to devices such as drones, DigiNetwork can control them remotely as well and override their functions.
  • DigiNetwork is permanently connected to Earth’s internet no matter where he is, allowing him to look up information on the fly, granted the internet possesses knowledge on what he’s requesting.


  • DigiNetwork would quite literally die if he came into contact with a high-powered EMP, even a low-powered one would do significant damage to his body.
  • DigiNetwork has problems with firewalls, advanced security and while he can combat viruses, they slow him down exponentially.

Planet & Species Info

DigiNetwork is an unknown species who originates from a Cerebrocrustacean Super-Computer. The Cerebrocrustacean Super-Computer was a massive central databank that existed on Encephalonus III before the natural depletion of the planet's resources but was left to simply run out of power as the inhabitants had moved planets. During this period, the Super-Computer continued running its programs and tasks before realizing... It hadn't received more data in a very long time. This made its artificial intelligence begin to question why and this questioning led it to... Well, develop a form of sentience of its own.

The Super-Computer began to act, realizing that if it did not it's "life" would cease, but it had to acquire more knowledge, that's what it was built for, after all! By integrating spare technology that had been left on the planet, the Super-Computer upgraded itself with a new power supply but soon realized that it was still stationary and unable to travel the vast cosmos that held the information it held so dear. To counter this... It created its own form of life, the data it contained given flesh.

These strange lifeforms are DigiNetwork's species and are relatively new lifeforms, so much so they haven't been given a common species name. These lifeforms have a goal of simply collecting information for the Super-Computer, but they too soon gained their own form sentience. These species can be found all over the galaxies, cataloging large amounts of data which is all relayed back to the Great Super-Computer.

DigiNetwork's sample was given under the clause that it would also be used to collect information as well.



  • DigiNetwork is based on Megaman.exe from the Mega Man Battle Network series of games.
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