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Home Planet:



Humanoid with train wheels in place of lower body

Alternate Counterparts Choo Choo
Other Info

Enhanced strength
Enhanced speed
Hand shapeshifting
Technology identification unit

First Appearance:

The Good, The Bad, & The Bloody

Diesel is the Alpha-Omegatrix's DNA sample of a Locomotivian from Locomotivia.


Diesel's lower body consists of 6 train wheels and a footplate. He is dark grey in color, darker in other areas. He wears the Alpha-Omegatrix on his chest.

In Alpha-Omegaverse, he is darker in color, he wears a black leotard with a red stripe on the front of it, a red belt with a white stripe on it, black footplate and wheels, and red coupling rods. He also has gotten much larger in size. His hook is now smoother and doesn't have a wire around it. He no longer reveals gears inside of him when he uses his shapeshifting powers. He also has red lines all over his upper torso and arms. He has the Simplicitrix on his belt.

In a piece of fan-art of Diesel's Alpha-Omegaverse design, he has thin upper arms, very large torso and shoulders, and his footplate is shaped like the foot part of skating shoes. His eyes and Simplicitrix are misscolored orange.

In the Alpha-Omegaverse flashbacks, Diesel has the lines from his shoulders coming down to his Alpha-Omegatrix. He doesn't have the shirt or belt. On his lower chest, he has two black lines in an X formation, with red dot's on the ends. The Alpha-Omegatrix is on his chest.

Powers & Abilities[]

Diesel can shapeshift his body parts, such as his hand turns into a claw. He has super strangth and enhanced speed.

He can also identify technology.

He can prevent himself from overheating by generating a small smoke stack on his back, or by releasing it as a projectile against his enemy.


Diesel's main weakness, similar to XLR8 and Fast Track, is environmental ground changes, such as mud, water, or ice.

If he fails to generate the smoke stack on his back, he will overheat.

Richard 10[]



Richard 10[]



  • He is confirmed to be given two new powers in future episodes.
  • It is confirmed he was inspired by Thomas & Friends.
  • His planet and species are plays on Locomotive, an alternate name for trains.