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Diana Repository
Creator Luunn
Co-Writers -
Artist(s) and Others -
Seasons 1
Episodes  ?
Created on December 24, 2019
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Diana Repository is a series by Luunn.

The series will be written in the main character's point of view.


Set in Grangaia, a world of magic and clockwork. One day, Diana Strafford, a "normal" girl by any standards, stumbles upon a device of alien origin called the Vambrace of Void that grants her shapeshifting powers. However, its appearance also heralds the arrival of the Metatonian, an inter-dimensional alien hive mind seeking to obtain the Void Brace for themselves while assimilating Grangaia in the process.

"When the seven stars are aligned, the truth of the world will be revealed." -- As the ancient prophecy slowly starts fulfilling itself, Diana is caught up in the chaos with no choice but to fight back.


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  • Diana Strafford
  • Anne Blanvold
  • To be added


  • The Metatonian


Vambrace Aliens

  • Snatchaway
    • Snatchaway AdVent
  • [SLOT 2] To be added
  • [SLOT 3] To be added
  • [SLOT 4] To be added
  • [SLOT 5] To be added
  • [SLOT 6] To be added
  • [SLOT 7] To be added


  • In addition to the usual sci-fi of Ben 10, Diana Repository will feature fantasy and steampunk elements as well.
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