Diamondhead 1: The First Hero
Series Omni-Legends
Genre Action/Adevnture/Sci-Fi/3rd Person
Release Date Unreleased
Platforms Xbox One
Playstation 4
Modes Singleplayer
Created By User: Reo 54
Game Guide
Jetray: The Video Game

Diamondhead 1: The First Hero is a video game in Omni-Legends. It's the first Video Game in the series. It's based on the first episode - Diamondhead: The Old World


Play as the hero Diamondhead. Fight alongside Four Arms to take down the new evil opposing Omnitrix City. Interesting storyline and amazing combat and action. Are you ready to be the first Hero of the Omni-Legends

Playable Characters

To Unlock Four Arms, you must complete the game once.

Non-Playable Characters


Level 1

You wake up in your room at the Base. Four Arms wakes you up and introduces you to the game. With his help, you must pass through the Tutorial in the training chamber. You have to walk the halls of the Base as well as dodge shots from turrets, use your crystal growth and shooting abilities. Afterwards, you head to Azmuth for the assignment.

Cutscene with Azmuth explaining the assignment.

Level 2

You must navigate through the Streets of Omnitrix City. You have to dodge traffic, Navigate through a labyrinth of small streets and find where this villain is hiding. There are opportunities for side quests. Rewards from these quests could help you in the future.

A Cutscene at Feedback's mansion.

Level 3

You enter Feedback's mansion. You split up with Four Arms. You have a choice of where to go. Both ways are similar but have different looks and rewards.After choosing you must make your way through the mansion to find Feedback. On the way, you must fight Feedback's minions. The resemble Megawatts with Feedback-like antennas on their backs.Going Right will get you to the guest room, where you can find red Galvanic Mechamorph carpet and a Knight-like statue resembling Khyber. Going left will get you to the Attic, where you shall find Vilgax's gauntlet as well as a stone statue of the prototype version of Feedback.

After finding your way to the basement, you meet up with Four arms and enter in ready to battle You burst through the door.

Cutscene with Feedback greeting you.

Level 4

Cheat Codes

  • OttoMoto - Unlocks Four Arms.
  • Ultimate_RoosterCow - Skips Level
  • G000pS - OP Strenght Buff


  • The Cheat code for Unlocking Four Arms is a hint at the Ben 10: Omniverse episode OTTO Motives, in which Khoros, The home planet of Four Arms's Species is shown.
  • The other cheat code is an allusion to the game "Ultimate ChikenHorse".
  • The Logo for the game is the old logo for episode 1 before its name was changed to The Old Days
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