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Diamondhead is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Petrosapien from the planet Petropia.


Diamondhead has a humanoid body made out of crystals. He has grey clothing like Evfnye, with the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. He has two spikes from his back.

Evfnye 10,000

Evfnye 10,000 as Diamondhead has more pronounced spikes and a more crystalline-like arm structure.

Evfnye 10,000 as Diamondhead

Powers and Abilities

Diamondhead's abilities include his power to morph his hands to any shape, and use them as weapons. He also can use shards as projectiles. The picture displays him with nothing, however he was shown to be able to create swords, shields, axes and spears.

Diamondhead, being made of crystals, is very durable and strong. He is also immune to aging.

He also can make structures out of crystals.


Diamondhead can be shattered by strong vibrations. He also can feel damage if his back spikes are attacked.


  • Diamondhead was unlocked prior to Evfnye 10.
  • In When You Steal, Diamondhead donated a diamond to the museum after defeating some thieves.
  • In Caught, Diamondhead trapped three killers.
  • In Sky's the Limit, Diamondhead fought the Cyrrothinian monster, but failed.
  • In 2040 Part 1: Past the Future, Evfnye 10,000 as Diamondhead fought a robot.
  • In Needed, Diamondhead attempted to fight crime that turned out not to be real.
  • In The First Hero in History, Diamondhead appeared as an accidental transformation and used to crystallize some lava.
  • In Random Glitching, Diamondhead briefly appeared before timing out.
  • In The Spirit Part 2: Shocked, Diamondhead was used to try to reach Ketu's underwater base. He later appeared along all other transformations.
  • In Man on the Moon, Diamondhead fought some Moon Guards, along with future Swampfire.
  • In Spiders Attack!, Diamondhead defeated Synapse's spiders.
  • In Never Gonna Give Up, Diamondhead practiced a new fighting style. Later, he battled some Vulpimancers, but failed to defeat them.
  • In Dimension Jump, Diamondhead was used for self-defense and battled some E-arth robot guardians.


Evfnye 10,000


  • Diamondhead's Season 2 design was an unused recolored upgrade for Diamondhead.
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